About Us

The Fashion Suite

We are one of the leading software companies in Tirupur having more than 30 years of experience in the field of Apparel & Textile softwares. We are committed to resolve the challenges in the industry. Applying latest methodologies gives us a competitive edge to organize the business. It is an easy to use, cost effective software solution that helps to expand the business and makes the organization more profitable. It provides a systematic approach for an effective management.


  • ★ To reach all apparel manufacturers( smallest to biggest)
  • ★ Single product having best practices in the industry
  • ★ Day to day updations for all the products
  • ★ Any amendments to the product is uploaded in a minute
  • ★ Incorporating the evolving technologies into our products
  • ★ To provide services and bug fixing online and instantly


To provide a highly recommended Software application for the apparel industry across the world.

Why industry needs global softwares

  • ★ Industry experience of over 3 decades
  • ★ Dealing with customers only for apparel from knitted and woven, spinning industries only
  • ★ Travelling from COBOL ,Dbase to present cloud, mobile app and SAP technologies
  • ★ Developed products are for manufacturers of apparel, spinning mill, job workers like knitting, dying, printing, embroidery, weaving, and processing etc.
  • ★ A R&D team puts it full efforts to evolve a new technology and an innovative method of working in the apparel industry.
  • ★ We adopt a systems like ISO in all our products
  • ★ It is a tool to the end user support their day to day activities.
  • ★ We develop forms and reports according to the government policies implemented time to time
  • ★ Our products are continually updated with best practices of the industry
  • ★ Creating software projects as products is quite complicated as we need to bring together all the requirements of the customers in the segment in one product but during maintenance taking facilities to the customers like GST implementation by the government is faster and completed at a single instance.
  • ★ Implemented in over 1200+ manufacturers and job workers


We basically involve in the activity of programming and developing software application for the apparel industry, We do developments on latest platforms and technologies. The company is availed with a highly qualified programmers, developers, technical advisors and technical managers etc. with the maximum year of experience.